Plans for Hall Renovation Notice, 9 August 2015

Update:  The concept plan can downloaded from here: Renovation and expansion of Villas Trust area AMENDED NOTICE! PLANS FOR HALL RENOVATION At the Vestry meeting on Tuesday 21 July, Vestry accepted the Property Group recommendation for the concept plan for the rebuild of the back (Villas Trust Lounge) part of the church hall. There willContinue reading “Plans for Hall Renovation Notice, 9 August 2015”

Proposed rebuild of the northern end of the hall

Consultative Process Before we start the process of rebuilding of the back (northern end) of the hall, we want to make sure as many parishioners as possible know of the proposal and have a chance to tell us their ideas. We will be talking about the changes as a parish, and the Property Group willContinue reading “Proposed rebuild of the northern end of the hall”

Kids’ Church Update – September 2014

Dear parents, families, and caregivers, This term we have been talking about Being Friends with Jesus. Please ask your child what they have been discovering – they have some amazing thoughts and ideas! One of the things we have been talking about this term is about listening to Jesus through reading the bible. If anyContinue reading “Kids’ Church Update – September 2014”

Parish notices – 21 September 2014

Ben and Teri away Ben and Teri have taken time away this week for study and Synod duties. In case of emergency please contact the wardens: Alan (, Katie (, or Angie in the office ( Are you available for only two hours a month? We really need some more volunteers to assist in the OpContinue reading “Parish notices – 21 September 2014”