Proposed rebuild of the northern end of the hall

Consultative Process

Before we start the process of rebuilding of the back (northern end) of the hall, we want to make sure as many parishioners as possible know of the proposal and have a chance to tell us their ideas. We will be talking about the changes as a parish, and the Property Group will be seeking comment from parishioners and other interested parties, until 11 May.

The process

On four Sundays—29 March and 5, 12 and 19 April—there will be an announcement of the proposal and the documents associated with it in the pew sheet. This explanation of the process will be included as an insert in the pew sheet on 29 March, and there will be copies of it available for people to take from the back of the church at any time during the consultation process.

Other documents at the back of the church are: Rebuild proposal, Time lines, Rebuild concept plan, and a list of Property Group members. If you can’t find copies in the church, you can ask any member of the Property Group for a copy.

We will email a copy of all these documents to parishioners whose email addresses we have on our roll during the week of 6 April.

At each Sunday morning church service, Property Group members will remind parishioners that the documents are available and encourage them to take copies. If you would like to see what the current state of the rooms is or look at the plans while you are actually in the room, you are encouraged to go over to the Villas Trust Lounge, Villas Trust kitchen, and Ezee Meals room; if you would like someone to help you or discuss the plans, ask the Property Group member who has spoken at the service you are attending. If you are not able to do this after a service, you can come in during parish office hours on your own or contact Brian Hartley, 232-2138, and he will make arrangements for you.

The Property Group will send a representative to any parish group that wants a further explanation or a walk-through of the plans. Plans have already been made for Beris Butler to brief the AAW at their May meeting and for someone to brief the Men’s Group. If you would like a member of the Property Group to come talk to your group, please contact Brian Hartley.

Property Group members are available to go over the proposal with anyone, and are happy to do this on site or at another convenient venue.

Giving feedback

We encourage you to let us know of your thoughts about the rebuild. You can have your say in three ways.

Property Group members you speak to will be taking account of your comments as the rebuild goes forward.

You can use the form below to provide feedback to the Property Group.

You can also email your comments to any member of the Property Group.

There is a form for written submissions ab the back of the church. You can fill it out and mail it to any Property Group member at the addresses provided, post it to the parish at PO Box 13-253, Johnsonville 6440, or leave it at the back of the church, addressed to Property Group.

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