Parish notices – 5 October 2014

A special thank you to all of our dedicated Youth Leaders for another successful term of Kid’s Church and Friday Youth!

Thank you to Teri, Chris and Adam for leading our next generation this term! From glitter grace jars being created in Kid’s Church to tackling life’s big issues on Friday evenings, we have had some wonderful feedback on how your work in our community is thriving! Thank you! Please note that Kid’s Church with Teri and her merry band of helpers will resume on Sunday 19th October at the 10am service, with Chris Nimmo leading our youngsters at the same time. Exciting Friday’s Youth Group resumes on Friday 17th October at 7pm in the hall. Join us for some more fun and adventure next term!

Bell Tower Strengthening: 29th Sept—10th October 2014

The church building will be closed for the duration of this time: all church ser-vices will be taking place in the church HALL until work is complete.


2 weeks to go!
Onslow College, Saturday 18 October, 10.00am


  • Stalls this year include: Baking, Books, CD’s, Electrical Goods, Glitz & Glamour, Jams & Preserves, Jewelry, Kitchen Goods, Knitting, Linen, Plants, Morning Teas, Pictures & Mirrors, Raffles, Sausage Sizzle, Sewing, Sweets…so if you have things to donate, please do!
  • Please do leave your old TVs and clothing out of your delivery though.
  • We need help getting the donated goods to the Fair venue and off-loaded once there.
  • Speak to John Sissons, 478-5824, to find out how else you can help!
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