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Plans for Hall Renovation Notice, 9 August 2015

Update:  The concept plan can downloaded from here:

Renovation and expansion of Villas Trust area



At the Vestry meeting on Tuesday 21 July, Vestry accepted the Property Group recommendation for the concept plan for the rebuild of the back (Villas Trust Lounge) part of the church hall.

There will be a Special General Meeting between the services on Sunday, 13 September for the parish to vote on the hall plans. The initial consultation phase is finished, all submissions have been considered, and at this point we are asking for parish approval of the proposed plan.

From Sunday, 16 August there will be copies of the plans available at the back of the church and online. The plans will be emailed out to all parishioners on the email list. All Property Group members will be named on the documents at the back of church, and they are happy to answer any questions you have. No meeting is planned at this point, but if one is requested we will try to arrange it.

Please remember that the intent of this SGM is purely for the parish to agree or not agree to the hall plans. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the Property Group or one of the Wardens before the day of the meeting.

Apologies for the incorrect information in last week’s notice,

Katie Boyle,

People’s Warden



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