What Vestry did in September

This is a summary of the decisions made at the last vestry meeting on 16 September 2014.  If you have any questions about these matters or questions for Vestry, feel free to talk with the wardens or any of the members of vestry.

The meeting was held at the Vinods’ place.

Ben reported on his annual feedback review with the Diocese. This included feedback from four different people, including Teri. He reported that the feedback session had gone well and was very affirming of his role. There were two matters noted for consideration. One was having an ongoing spiritual director. Ben has selected Rev Mark Johnson (Chaplain at Victoria University) to fill this role. The other was putting specific time aside for his family. It was agreed that he would prioritise Saturdays for time with his family and only do necessary parish work on that day.

Ben noted that the church is now entering a new phase of growth and development. This requires rethinking how the church is led and managed to make the best of people’s gifts and talents.  It involves having a larger leadership group with clearer delegations. Ben asked all Vestry members to email him with ideas of how things can progress and what things should be led by Ben and what should be done by others.

The accounts were discussed and a revised budget for the remainder of the year presented. There were no major variances in the revised budget from that set at the AGM. Alan commented that offertories to August were still lagging somewhat behind budget. It was hoped that the recent stewardship campaign would result in further increases in September and October. It was also noted that the only fundraising that has been organised is the fair. This is something we need to look at for early 2015.

John reported on the fair planning.  There was discussion on finalising the details of the Bishop’s medals. The timing and cost of the Bell Tower strengthening was confirmed.

The next vestry meeting is on 21 October, hosted by Sudharshini.

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