Reflecting on ministry (sermon and reflections 19 July 2015)

This morning, Ben reported back on taking “a bit of Johnsonville” to the diocesan Ministry conference; Nathan talked about his experience of the Cursillo retreat and Fiona talked about her experience of Alpha. The theme for all three reflections centered around today’s gospel reading where Jesus tries to take some quiet time with his disciplesContinue reading “Reflecting on ministry (sermon and reflections 19 July 2015)”

Feasting with Jesus and the Faith Five

Today we had all-age worship. Diana Langdom (Standz Enabler) visited and led us through some activities. The first was an activity to get to know each other.  Following this she talked about banquets and showed a short video based on the Parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:15-24).  This led into a discussion of theContinue reading “Feasting with Jesus and the Faith Five”

Who makes a good Christian (28 June 2015)

We have two recordings from the service for you today. Ben interviewed one of our new parishioners – Gini Keane. She is a retired priest and now hospital chaplain. She shared her experience of being God’s helper in Wellington Hospital.  I suggest you listen to her and then read today’s gospel: Mark 5:21-43 Glenn preachedContinue reading “Who makes a good Christian (28 June 2015)”

Growing God’s Kingdom (Sermon 14 June 2015)

Today Ben reflected on the wonderful growth we have had in our church and the things we can do to help grow God’s Kingdom.  The gospel reading for today was Mark 4:26-34.  The words for the song can be found here – Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective). (pdf download).   Enjoy. Play on-line: Download mp3:Continue reading “Growing God’s Kingdom (Sermon 14 June 2015)”

What is trinity? (Sermon 31 May 2015)

For Trinity Sunday, Glenn Peoples preached on the understanding of the Trinity and not taking John 3:16 for granted. The readings for this week – referred to in the sermon – were: Isaiah 6:1-8, Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17 If you are interested, the full text of the Athanasian Creed can be found here   Enjoy.Continue reading “What is trinity? (Sermon 31 May 2015)”

Pentecost (Sermon 24 May 2015)

Today is Pentecost and Ben preaches about the coming of the Holy Spirit to the early church. The readings for this week – referred to in the sermon – were: Acts 1:3 – 2:18 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 John 14:11-17 Enjoy. Play on-line: Download mp3: Pentecost – 24 May 2015 If you a podcast user, youContinue reading “Pentecost (Sermon 24 May 2015)”

Discernment – how to make good decisions (Sermon 17 May 2015)

We have started to record sermons again.  This week Ben preached about discernment and making good decisions.  He refers to the five S’s: Scripture Spirit Saints Sense Sircumstances. The words for the song at the end are: I want to walk with you, For you guide me every step of the way. The readings forContinue reading “Discernment – how to make good decisions (Sermon 17 May 2015)”