Roundabout – June/July/August 2014

In this edition: From the  vicar – so much going on! Ordinary Time – is it really ordinary? AAW happenings – including upcoming events Events calendar Meeting our new parishioners Meet your vestry A focus on stewardship and improving our finances Exploring biculturalism – discussion series hosted by St Michaels, Newlands Vestry snippets Shrove Tuesday atContinue reading “Roundabout – June/July/August 2014”

Roundabout – November 2013/January 2014

In this months edition includes: From the  vicar Justin’s prayer vigil Awesome Church – 30 November Association of Anglican Women Parish Christmas social event Removal of Hall Stage Calendar of events Friendship Christmas lunch helping others at Christmas Friendship Lunch 5 Nov Unveiling the memorial in Glenside Synod – more than you expect? Christmas andContinue reading “Roundabout – November 2013/January 2014”

Roundabout – September/October 2013

In this months edition includes: From the  vicar From the  Bishop St John’s   Annual Parish Fair Association of Anglican Women – what we have been doing CPAC – Journeying On: 20th Anniversary “Well and truly installed” Mission-shaped ministry Living wage seminar Helping the City Mission at Christmas Anglican church a ‘drunk man’ staggering everContinue reading “Roundabout – September/October 2013”

Roundabout – May 2013

In this months edition includes: The right vicar for us Introducing the Johnson-Frow family Easter goes on  (psst … its still OK to eat easter eggs) Letter from Ewok From the Bishop Our new website Awesome Church Exploring prayer Vestry notes Calendar of events Holy Week and Easter Week services RoundAbout May 2013