Archbishops’ Christmas Message and Bishop’s December News

This year’s annual Christmas message from the Archbishops comes from Archbishop Winston Halapua. He was in Apia when Cyclone Evan struck and is still there working with the people of Samoa as they face the reality of the clean up.  In his message, he reflects on the disaster in Samoa and Fiji and the horrendous tragedy in the UnitedContinue reading “Archbishops’ Christmas Message and Bishop’s December News”

Women Bishops and a Persecuted Minority – Statements from Standing Committee

Kia ora tatou, The new Standing Committee of General Synod met for the first time this week and has, in conjunction with the Archbishops, released two public statements: The first was triggered by the decision of the Church of England General Synod not to proceed with the ordination of women as bishops, and puts on theContinue reading “Women Bishops and a Persecuted Minority – Statements from Standing Committee”

Living below the line

the challenge has finished for us – but 1.4 billion still live in poverty Thank you for the support, prayer and sponsorship you have provided to the people participating in this challenge. Katie and Charlotte will be collecting sponsorship money at church on Sunday. All donations go direct to Oxfam or World Vision for their work in fightingContinue reading “Living below the line”