Becoming disciples (Bishop’s charge and sermon)

Our sermon this Sunday was the replay of our Bishop’s charge from Synod.  Bishop Justin talks about the next stage in our journey together, of becoming disciples. The gospel reading we used today was Luke 14:25-33.  This reading talks about the cost of discipleship and taking account of what we need to let go off.  Continue reading “Becoming disciples (Bishop’s charge and sermon)”

All those who humble themselves will be exalted (Sermon 1 September 2013)

We returned to the lectionary readings this Sunday. While Ben went to help with the opening of Kids’ Church,  James Vinod preached for us on the reading from Luke which talks about taking our place with humility. The audio includes the Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel readings at the start.  These are as follows: JeremiahContinue reading “All those who humble themselves will be exalted (Sermon 1 September 2013)”

Doing conflict well together

Ben concludes his set of opening sermons by how we handle conflict between us. He talks about our need to take responsibility to resolve our differences and not wait for others to come to us. The readings for the day, referred to in the sermon, are: Genesis 50:15-21 Psalm 51 Philippians 4:1-9 Matthew 5:21-24 IfContinue reading “Doing conflict well together”

Journeying together

Ben continues his set of opening sermons by talking about the process of journeying together as a people of God. He assures us he is not here to impose change upon us, but rather guide us through the changes the God is asking us to face.  He acknowledges the many great things that God isContinue reading “Journeying together”

Sharing the Good News: Ben’s first sermon and our first audio.

Today, Ben preached his first sermon with his us.  He shared his story of how he became a Christian. How God changed his life at age 16 and helped him find peace and hope.  He talks about how we the story of God in our lives with others. The readings for the day, referred toContinue reading “Sharing the Good News: Ben’s first sermon and our first audio.”

We are sent out to tell the Good News

Reading: Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 ‘The Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go.’ Here’s a description of an early outreach ministry into the local communities. Seventy ministers sent out to proclaim the good news. I wonder what sort ofContinue reading “We are sent out to tell the Good News”

Breaking our chains

Readings: Acts 16:16-34; John 17:20-26 We’re entering the final stages of our celebration of Easter. Thursday marked a turning point with Jesus’ ascension – his return to the Father in order that the Spirit might come. The risen Christ has been taken into the eternal dimension. He’s no longer to be seen in bodily form,Continue reading “Breaking our chains”

The Ascension

Readings: Acts 1:1-11; Ephesians 1:15-23; Luke 24:44-53 While [Jesus] was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven. (Luke 24:51) What is the Ascension about? We’re not talking about a first century version of Star Trek: “Beam me up Scottie.” Rather, let’s remember that Luke is trying to put into words what’sContinue reading “The Ascension”