The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Christmas Service 2017

Sunday 24th – Christmas Eve
8.30am. This will be our regular Eucharistic morning service celebrating our 4th Sunday in Advent with the theme of JOY. Fr Philip will be preaching, our vicar Ben will be presiding, and Fr Michael will be leading on organ

10am. This will be our 1/2 hour Kids Christmas celebration of carols, a retelling of the Christmas story, and a short all in message…..followed by a BBQ, ice cream, and Jesus’s birthday cake! In the past its been in the evening, but this year because of the way the days fall we are having it in the morning instead. It’s a chance to all gather and celebrate as family, to invite community, to share in the story of Christmas and stick around to catch up with one another before the holidays begin with a BBQ – Kiwi Christmas styles!

11pm. Midnight Mass. At this service we gather in the church in the middle of the night under the glow of Christmas lights and candles and welcome in Christmas day by taking communion together at midnight. Ben will be leading the Carols and Rev Musa Daba from Churton Park Anglican will be preaching and presiding at the Eucharist. This is one of the most special services of the whole year and to get an idea of what it is like check out the cover photo from last years service on our Facebook page.


Monday 25th – Christmas Day

8.30am. Christmas Eucharist at St Johns
The day will begin with our early service at St John’s, carols led on the Organ, Fr Philip will be presiding, and for the first time Ben will be there to preach. This service will combine our usual 10am and 8.30 service communities into one, plus we will be joined by Churton Park Anglican Church as well. So come along and join a full house as we celebrate Christmas day together!

10am. Family service in Ohariu Valley
Nestled in Ohariu Valley is our historic rural church Holy Trinity, and its there that we will have our final service for Christmas. It will be a 40 minute, all in family celebration with carols and communion, and all are very welcome. Ben will be preaching and presiding at communion, and the whole service will have that beautiful sense of rural community celebrating together.


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