Feasting with Jesus and the Faith Five

Today we had all-age worship. Diana Langdom (Standz Enabler) visited and led us through some activities. The first was an activity to get to know each other.  Following this she talked about banquets and showed a short video based on the Parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:15-24).  This led into a discussion of the Faith Five – which can be used by families at dinner or bed time:

  1. SHARE the highs and the lows of the day
  2. READ a favourite verse from your Bible or one you have memorised
  3. TALK about how your verse relates to your highs and lows
  4. PRAY for your highs and lows, for your family and for the world
  5. BLESS one another.

Or click here to download the mp3:

Feasting with Jesus and the Faith Five

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