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St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

What Vestry did in August

This is a summary of the decisions made at the last vestry meeting on 19 August 2014.  If you have any questions about these matters or questions for Vestry, feel free to talk with the wardens or any of the members of vestry.

The meeting was held at John Sissons’ place.

Ben talked about how we are reaching a church community size where we need to expand the number of people involved in leadership. We have to be more proactive about delegation and ensuring there are people who can provide backup on each duty. We now have several potential preachers in the congregation and Ben will be inviting them to preach on a regular basis. The youth ministry and music teams are going well. Attendance has been increasing, particularly by children.

It was agreed, to complete the stewardship campaign, that we would send a letter out to everyone on the parish roll inviting them to come along to upcoming activities and events. This would be more worthwhile than approaching them for donations. (That letter went out with Roundabout.)

It was noted that Wendie and Jonn Ayley had gone to England and would bring back Rob’s body to New Zealand in early September. There would be a funeral service for Rob at St Johns. (The service was held on 11 September).

Katie presented a request for providing more storage in the hall to meet the needs of regular hall users. It was agreed to purchase two flatpack cupboards, subject to agreement from the Property Goup. (The Property Group agreed and the cupboards have been bought).

The main topic of discussion was the Holy Trinity, Ohariu restoration project.  A tender had been sent out to three builders for the work and all had responded. Warren and Alan had selected a preferred company, which Vestry agreed to. Funding for the project is starting to come in and applications are being made for further funding.  Warren and Alan will discuss the phasing of the project with the builder.

Katie reported on plans to start mainly music in the Valley Hall in term 4. Initially it will run as a sub-group of St Johns. If it is successful, it will be set up as a separate session after that.

The next vestry meeting is on September 16th, hosted by Prathiba.



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