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What Vestry did in July

This is a summary of the decisions made at the last vestry meeting on 15 July 2014.  If you have any questions about these matters or questions for Vestry, feel free to talk with the wardens or any of the members of vestry.

The meeting was held at Katie and David’s place.

The property group reported that the hall stage removal was on schedule. Two storage areas have been incorporated in the build. Broderick Road Chapel have a portable stage, which they are happy for us to use on request.

We are continuing to extend our contact with families in Ohariu Valley.  The Ladies’ Guild are very supportive of the church restoration project and we will work with them on support for grants.  There are plans to start a mainly music session in the valley in September.

The main discussion at vestry was on the membership and work of the subcommittees.  The subcommittees cover administration, finance, property, communication, fair, pastoral care. fundraising and stewardship.

It was felt that fundraising should be for a specific purpose, rather than to cover operating costs. We discussed perhaps funding for youth ministry or Alpha outreach. It was noted that we need to identify projects or activities then formulate a plan for fundraising.

It was agreed that we would restart the social events with a parish dinner on Saturday 30th August.  Plans are well underway now for this.

The next newcomers lunch will be on Sunday 14th September.

The next vestry meeting will be on August 19th, hosted by John.



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