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What Vestry did in June

This is a summary of the decisions made at the last vestry meeting on 17 June 2014.  If you have any questions about these matters or questions for Vestry, feel free to talk with the wardens or any of the members of vestry.

We had correspondence from Dennis Mann about the need for more volunteers to help with the OpShop.  This provides a significant income to the parish as well as being an important social outreach. Katie has been working to recruit new people for this.

Ben’s report focused particularly on the success of the Alpha course. There is interest in this being an annual event. It has drawn a number of people closer to church, with some starting to attend regularly.  There has been a very strong and vibrant youth participation in the course and regular youth events are being planned for the future.

In the finance report, Alan noted that offertories are still running behind budget.

Ben reported that there had been some promising applications for the office administrator position.  It was agreed that the Vicar and Warden interview the applicants with the goal of appointing by early July.

With Katie becoming Peoples’ Warden, she has had to step down from being Synod Representative. It was decided that we would not seek to elect a second representative at this stage. Chris Nimmo will be our sole representative at the next Synod.  This decision took account of the fact that pre-Synod meetings would be staring in June, so there is not really enough time to elect a second representative. Also there are other priorities to be focussed on within the parish at this time.

The property group reported back that the final cost estimate for strengthening the Bell Tower now stands at $28,000 (incl GST). We require the authorisation of a special general meeting to spend this amount of money.  We agreed to holding an SGM on 27 July. Work on the strengthening will be penciled in to start on 29 September.  There will be a period of several weeks when services will need to be held in the Hall.

The next vestry meeting is on July 15th.





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