The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Parish notices – 29 June 2014

SGM about strengthening the bell tower

The contractor is now planning to use stronger materials for the work on the bell tower, which means the strengthening work will cost more than expected. There is a threshold cost where the parish as a whole must approve the expenditure at an AGM or SGM, and this work now exceeds that cost. We are therefore calling another SGM, to be held be-tween the services on Sunday 27 July. Please come along.

Friendship Lunch

The July Friendship Lunch will be this Tuesday, 1 July. All are welcome for good food and great company. If you need help with transport, contact Jane, 499-3807.

AAW July Meeting

Thursday, 3 July, 2.00 p.m. at Toni Finkle’s home, 50 Churton Drive, Churton Park. Elizabeth Harkness will speak about the history of dolls and will bring some dolls to show us. People are welcome to bring their old dolls to show Elizabeth and other people present. After-noon tea will be served.

As this is a day meeting we hope that some of the older parishioners will join us as well as any other interested women in the parish. Transport can be provided if required. Contact Toni Finkle, 478-9201, or Christine Gibbons, 478-3748.


Our next Baptism service will be on 20 July at 10am. If you would like to be baptised or bring a child for baptism, please talk to Ben after the service. Please note this date too as a celebration for our community and come along to support and welcome those being bap-tised and their families.

Big roster changes

As the parish grows and changes, we are looking at how we organise people to do the various jobs in the parish. We are still looking for a few more people on Prayer Ministry at the 10am service, and people to help clean the hall.

Other areas need more consideration. No one has come forward to help with flower ar-ranging, and we are down to three people who can work in this area; we have to consider carefully how we can keep the church looking beautiful without overworking these very special volunteers.

We also need to look carefully at our work in the Johnsonville Op Shop. This brings in thou-sands of dollars a year that we can use towards community work, for less than 20 hours of volunteer time per month. However, our coordinator has been doing this job for decades, and is down to one helper that she can call on. If we are to continue with this work, we need both more people who can be called on to take shifts, and someone who can assist the coordinator by being on the Op Shop committee and organising the roster.

Please speak to Ben if you:

  • can help with Prayer Ministry at 10am, cleaning the hall, arranging flowers, or helping with Op Shop duties or coordination
  • have any ideas how we can continue to decorate the church within our current flower-arranging resources
  • would like to be involved in worship in any way that you are not currently.

NZCMS talk

Sunday, 29 June, 2.00pm coffee for 2.30pm meeting. St Andrew’s Parish Centre, 11 Steyne Ave, Plimmerton. Tales from Tonga—David and Hilary Kedall will report on their experiences on a short-term mission trip to Tonga, helping at St Andrew’s school. For more information see the noticeboard.

Giving information

There are three ways you can regularly donate money to St John’s: cash in the offertory plate, giving envelopes and direct deposit.
We welcome all giving, but only giving envelopes and direct deposit allow you to claim back on your taxes.
Giving envelopes can be organised for weekly, fortnightly or monthly giving. If you would like to be on this system, contact Graham Soal, 970-1336. You can set up giving by direct deposit to our Westpac account, Anglican Parish of Johnsonville, 030525 0203556 00. In the details include your name and “offering”.
If you wish to make a one-off donation, contact Katie in the office, 973-1729 or



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