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St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

What Vestry did in May

This is a summary of the decisions made at the last vestry meeting on 20 May 2014.  If you have any questions about these matters or questions for Vestry, feel free to talk with the wardens or any of the members of vestry.

We agreed that Warren Bryant be a Parish Nominator. The other nominators are the wardens and John Sissons. In the unlikely event of Ben resigning, the nominators are responsible for selecting a new vicar.

In  the finance report, Alan pointed out that total offertories are still tracking below budget.

There was further discussion around sub-committees. It was decided that the discussion would need to continue once the new People’s Warden was appointed. We also need to review if the current structures are best placed for a growing church.

Warren reported on progress with Ohariu, Holy Trinity restoration. Progress is being made towards getting quotes. The Ohariu Valley Ladies’ Guild has already commenced fundraising. Ben has organised to speak to the Guild in August. We talked about options for a fundraiser in the valley, that could involve a farm visit.

We discussed the agenda for the vestry retreat, which was held on 7 June.  It covered leadership, communications,  and values and vision.

We have been successful in getting a grant from the Community Trust for the Hall stage replacement. Vestry confirmed that the removal of the hall stage will proceed (work has subsequently booked for the July school holidays).  There remains an ongoing discussion about some sort of smaller/reduced height stage. The Property Group has been asked to review options, which will then be discussed with the parish. Fuller details are available in the June Roundabout.

Following Katie’s resignation, Ben will discuss options for the administration role with Jennie Sim. The parishes will need to decide if they want to continue with a joint appointment or have separate staff.

David and John spoke to a proposal for a stewardship programme. Vestry confirmed that the main aim of the programme is to increase giving by at least 11% compared to 2012 and the programme should also aim to increase the sense of involvement and belonging in the parish. It needs to encourage people to also look at what time and talents they can contribute. This is important as in a number of areas we are reliant on only a few people to keep things going.  There is more on parish finances and stewardship in the June Roundabout.

The next vestry meeting is on June 17th.





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