The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Parish notices – 27 April 2014

Inaugural hall cleaning bee

As discussed at the AGM, we will begin having more frequent working bees. The purpose of this is to clean the interior of the hall and church and tidy the Garden of Rest and hall garden. Some will be on Saturday mornings, some on Sunday afternoons. The first one will be from 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Sunday, 27 April.

May Friendship Lunch

The Friendship Lunch for May will be next Tuesday, 6 May at 12noon. For help with transport, please ring Jane Watts, 499-3807, or Katie in the office, 973-1729.

April is missions month

Do you have a missions box? In addition to our monthly Bring and Buy stall (to be held next on Sunday, 11 May), we collect mission donations in April and October. Money from the boxes goes to New Zealand Anglican Board of Missions. If you would like to be able to put aside spare change over the next six months and donate it in October, talk to our Mission Motivator, Claire Hunter, 478-8568, or to Ben. If you already have a mission box, please leave it at the back of the church or give it directly to Claire. Of course you can donate without having a mission box—put the money in an envelope marked “Missions” and give it to Claire or leave it at the back of the church.

Jam group for 10.00am service musicians

We are looking to grow and develop our approach to music for worship in the 10.00am service. To that end Ben will be running a jam group for anyone who is interested in “giving it a go” on Tuesday nights in term 2 (in the church, starting on 6 May at 7.30pm). It’s a chance to learn new songs, get to know each other, and develop a culture of worship amongst us—without the pressure of then having to play on Sundays. As we develop and as new musicians feel comfortable playing together in the jam group environment
then there will be opportunities to play on a Sunday morning for those who want to. Let Ben know if you are interested in being part of this—

Alpha course

St John’s, Churton Park (CPAC), St Barnabas’ and St Michael’s are running a combined Alpha course in our hall. It starts at 6.30pm on Thursday 15 May. The course will run for seven weeks. Please bring a friend. Contact Megan Devine,,
478-0521, or Peter Corbett,, for further information.

Receipts for 2013–2014 donations

Receipts for any donations you made through the envelope system or by direct deposit are now ready for you to pick up. They are at the back of the church. If you know you will not be able to pick them up over the next few weeks, please contact Katie in the office and she will post them out to you. Any not picked up by 11 May will be posted out.



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