The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Parish notices – 27 October 2013



Sunday’s 10.00am service will be a baptism service. If you are thinking about baptism for yourself or others in your family, talk to Ben—he’d love to answer questions and help you in any way possible.

Friendship Lunch

The November Friendship Lunch will be on Tuesday, 5 November. The school choir from Johnsonville School will be coming along to perform for us. All are welcome. If you need help with transport, contact Jane, 478-6767, or Katie in the office, 973-1729. The next Friendship Lunch will be on Christmas Day.

Memorial function

There will be a memorial function for Shiu Baran, father of Atish Baran, on 16 November from 7.00pm in the church followed by dinner in the hall. All parishioners are invited. RSVP to Atish and family on 461-6940 or talk to him in person in Church.


Today we welcome…

…Amy Stringer and Faye Buckley and their families, as they are baptised and presented to the congregation.
…the Rev. Hock Lee, former priest/parishioner, but just for today, as he is off back to his job overseas this week. He is not giving us any time to hear any more of his inspiring sermons or to hear his infectious laughter during chat time after the service. Safe travelling Hock, we’ll see you again.

Office closed

Katie is taking some time off around Labour Weekend. The office closed at noon on Friday, and will open again on Thursday, 31 October at 9am.

Mission boxes

We are collecting mission boxes from now until Sunday, 10 November. Please leave your box at the back of the church, leave it with Katie in the office, or contact Claire Hunter, 478-8568.

Prayers for those who have died

The office computer has lost the names of many people who have died who we would normally be praying for on their anniversary. If someone who is important to you has not appeared on their anniversary this year, and you would like us to continue to pray for them, please let Katie know: 973-1729 or Thank you for your help with this.

Help with transport

A female parishioner living in Bould St needs backup transport to the Sunday 10.00am service. As the transport coordinator will be away, please contact Katie in the office if you can help.

Opportunities for ministry

We’d love it if everyone in the parish got involved in some sort of ministry. If you’re not sure yet of your sense of call or gifting, but would be keen to help out in some way, we have some ministries that could use some extra involvement. To talk through what may be right for you, feel free to talk with Ben, 970-3033 or (027) 570-3003. You could also speak to Katie, 973-1729,

Villa available

We have one villa available for sale. If you are interested, contact Jim Mepsted, 477-1894.

Friendship Christmas Lunch

If you can be on the organising committee, help on the day, or provide a dessert, please contact Barbara Gordon, 477-3236 or

Benjamin’s eggs

Free range eggs available from the vicarage’s neighbour Ben – a student at Raroa who is switched on about ethical issues about caring for animals and is fund raising to buy himself a computer. He is amazing and you can support him by buying free range eggs from him for $7 for 12! Email or call 971 6335. Or ask the vicar Ben and he’ll bring some to church for you next week.



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