The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Parish notices – 29 September 2013


Friendship lunch

…for October is this Tuesday, 1 October. All welcome. As it is school holidays, this is a good time to bring your children or grandchildren along to share in good food and fellowship.


On Thursday 3 October Jane Dagger is bringing pictures explaining the quilts which decorate Tongan cemeteries. All women welcome, we meet at 7.30pm in the Hunter Lounge.

Fair sorting day

On Saturday, 5 October we will have the usual morning of sorting donations in preparation for the fair. Please come along to help if you can. You can drop off donations to the office during office hours, or on 5 October from 8.30am to 11.00am.

Pet service

The pet service this year will be on Sunday, 13 October (not 6 October as announced in RoundAbout—that’s the middle of the school holidays) at 10.00am. Bring a friend. We’ve printed out some flyers with Kids Church details on one side and pet service details
on the other—if you know someone who would like to come along, take an extra flyer for them.


Countdown to the parish fair!

Three weeks to go!
Onslow College, Saturday 19 October, 10.00am

Can you help?

  • If you’d like to be involved, speak to John Sissons, 478-5824.
  •  Janet Heaver will be contacting people about baking things for the day. If you don’t hear from her this week and would like to help with baked goods, please ring her on 478-3718.
  • We’d love to have more homemade jam and marmalade. If you can make some, bring it in by Friday, 18 October please.
  • Please bring cans of food or dry goods for the raffle and leave them in the red carton.
  • We need people to help set up on Friday afternoon and take down on Saturday afternoon, and to help on the stalls during the fair. Please see the sign-up sheet at the back of the church, and sign yourself up to help somewhere.
  • We still need a few more people to distribute leaflets—please speak to Belle Hough, 934-2761, if you can help.

New roster coming up

The roster for October and November is at the back of the church now. Please pick up your named copy.

Prayers for those who have died

Katie has realized that the office computer has lost the names of many people who have died who we would normally be praying for on their anniversary. If someone who is important to you has not appeared on their anniversary this year, and you would like us to continue to pray for them, please let Katie know: 973-1729 or Thank you for your help with this.

Help with transport

A female parishioner living in Bould St needs backup transport to the Sunday 10.00am service. As the transport coordinator will be away, please contact Katie in the office if you can help.

Opportunities for ministry

Following on from Ben’s sermon, we’d love it if everyone in the parish got involved in some sort of ministry. If you’re not sure yet of your sense of call or gifting, but would be keen to help out in some way, we have some ministries that could use some extra involvement. To talk through what may be right for you, feel free to talk with Ben, 970-3033 or (027) 570-3003. You could also speak to Katie, 973-1729,

Villa available

We have one villa available for sale. If you are interested, contact Jim Mepsted, 477-1894.

Christmas Child Shoeboxes

If you would like a shoebox and haven’t gotten one yet, you can pick one up at the back of the church. This is a loving, fun way to show God’s love to impoverished children. For any enquiries, please phone Margaret Sissons on 478-5824

Friendship Christmas Lunch

As part of our outreach into the community, we are providing Christmas lunch in the church hall for those who will be alone on Christmas day and would like some company, fellowship and of course good food. If you can be on the organising committee, help on the day, or provide a dessert, please contact Barbara Gordon, 477-3236 or People wanting to attend will need to let us know beforehand

Fair raffle

Please bring in food items—cans or dry goods—for the fair raffle in October. There is a red carton at the back of the for them, labelled “Fair”. Many thanks, Toni Finkle

Fair raffle

Please bring in food items—cans or dry goods—for the fair raffle in October. There is a red carton at the back of the for them, labelled “Fair”. Many thanks, Toni Finkle



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