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Family activity: Being the Body of Christ together (18 August 2013)

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:4-20

body of christPaul talks about how we all belong to the family of Christ – no matter where we came from or what our background.
He compares the family of Christ to our bodies.
Just as your body has many different parts, so it is with the Christian family. Each part of your body has a special job to do, and without that part your body could not work properly. Without your legs you could not stand up and walk.
Many different parts make up one body, and every part is just as important as another. Each one of us belongs to the one family of God and has special gifts which God has given to us. We must use those gifts to make sure the one body of Christ works properly and is full of life.
(from Katie Thompson, The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book, 23rd Publications, New London CT.)

Your ideas

We have talked about sharing the Good News and journeying together.

This week we think about what it means to be the Body of Christ together.

Each of us has something special to offer. What are some of the special gifts and talents that you have?



How can you work with others to share your gifts and talents in the church?





It is important that everyone takes part in doing things. Wouldn’t it be funny if all the work in a body was done by the left leg, while the right arm had nothing to do?
How do can you make sure that everyone feels included and has a part to play?

You can download a copy of this activity as a printable sheet here:

Family Activity Sheet 18 August 2013


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