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Family activity: Sharing the Good News together (4 August 2013)

saul-on-way-to-damascus_tifScripture: Acts 9:1-19

Saul was a man who loved God and loved his people Israel. Life was hard under Roman rule. It felt like God had abandoned his chosen people. The people did not respect the law the way they used to. Saul believed if they would follow God’s holy law, then the Lord God would return and rescue his people.
There was a new group of people now who really annoyed Saul. They followed a teacher called Jesus, who had been crucified as a common criminal. They said loving each other was what really mattered. They hung out with sinners and foreigners. They kept breaking all sorts of laws.
Saul was on his way to deal with a group of these Jesus followers when he got knocked off his horse. As he sat up he saw a man standing in the road. No one else who was with him could see this man.
The man said, “Saul, why do you persecute me?”
Saul asked, “Who are you?”
The man said, “I am Jesus who you have been persecuting. Get up and go to the city and you will be told what to do.”
Saul then became known as Paul. He went on to teach the Good News about Jesus Christ throughout the Roman world, and establish some of the first Christian communities outside of Israel.


Your ideas

Over the next four weeks, Ben is going to lead us through ideas about being followers of Jesus. This week we start with sharing the Good News together. Ben has picked readings for today about how different people started out sharing the news about Jesus. This is one of them.

This story gives us some ideas about what we need to have to share the Good News with others.

Saul already had some of the things he needed before this story started. What do you think they were?



But Saul’s had his own ideas about how God would rescue his people, which were getting in the way. What did God have to do to get through to Saul?

How do you think Saul knew that this was God talking to him and not just some dream?



After this, Saul/Paul didn’t just charge off on his horse and tell the world on his own. He joined the band of Christians he was about to arrest. He became part of their group. So to share the Good News with others, we need to let God talk to us, we have to put aside our own ideas about how it is going to be and we can’t do it alone.
Paul went on to write letters to the early communities. One of these was 1 Corinthians, which talks about love and working together. We will have a look at a section of that letter in two weeks time.

You can download a copy of this activity as a printable sheet here:

Family Activity Sheet 4 August 2013


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