The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Prayer cycle and daily readings: 15-20 July 2013

Monday  Caring for our sanctuary Psalm 1, (2, 3)
Doctors and health care providers Ezek 14:12-end
2 Cor 11:1-15
Tuesday Parish musicians Psalm 5, (6)
Local resthomes and hospitals Ezek 18:1-20
2 Cor 11:16-end
Wednesday Readers and liturgical assistants Psalm 119:1-32
Local clubs and community groups Ezek 18:21-32
2 Cor 12
Thursday Parish prayer life Psalm (14), 15, (16)
Local social service organisations Ezek 20:1-20
2 Cor 13
Friday Young people and parish families Psalm (17), 18
Anglican Diocese of Wellington Ezek 20:21-38
James 1:1-11
Saturday Order of St Luke / healing ministry Psalm (20, 21), 23
Hospital, school and university chaplains Ezek 24:15-end
James 1:12-end

The daily readings are taken from The Lectionary: Te Maramataka of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. They are the recommended readings for morning prayer for each day. Bracketed Psalms are optional.


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