The Anglican Parish of Johnsonville

St Johns, Johnsonville and Holy Trinity, Ohariu

Parish notices – 2 June 2012


Friendship Lunch

…for June will be on Tuesday, 4 June. All are welcome. If you need help with transport, please contact Jane, 478-6767.


7.30pm, Hunter Lounge. Craft evening—bring your latest handiwork, knitting, sewing etc. to work on. Some community issues will be discussed.

Missions bring and buy stall

We have our missions stall for June on Sunday, 9 June from 9.15am in the church. Please bring something along that we can sell for missions, and bring money to buy from the stall.


Today marks the beginning of four weeks of teaching and focus on stewardship. Details are in the RoundAbout extra. The Catechism speaks of living out the Christian life “by prayer and regular worship and by using our time, talents and money to serve Christ in the world.” “There isn’t enough time to do everything I need to do.” Familiar? But the issue isn’t about having enough hours in a day. It’s our view of time and life itself, and how we use the time we have.
Opportunities to learn more

  • pick up a copy of today’s sermon and study notes (to be used at the groups or by yourself). These will also be published on the website each Sunday morning. There will be a link the study guide from the week’s sermon.
  • use these to reflect further on the Stewardship of Time
  • join one of the small groups for three weeks to explore further:


The new roster is available at the back of the church. Please pick up your copy today.

Tax receipts

…will be available at the back of the church.

Looking to the future

The Vicar-elect, the Reverend Ben Johnson-Frow, will be instituted by Bishop Justin on Sunday, 28 July at 2.30pm, though he will begin working in the parish in July for a time that overlaps Alister’s ministry here.

Please keep Ben, Terri and their children Jakob and Breanna in your prayers as they prepare for this move.

Helping children in need

The AAW invite any knitters to join us in knitting a scarf or pair of slippers for KidsCan Charitable Tust for children in decile one or two schools. NO plain red or plain denim blue scarves or slippers please. There are patterns at the back of the church. Please help if you can. Toni Finkle (478-9201) will take scarves and slippers to Knit World on Friday 7 June.



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