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Bishop’s News May 2013

This month, Bishop Justin writes:

I travelled to Fiji where Archbishop Winston asked me to speak and train at the Synod.  The theme he had chosen was “In Christ We Move Together”.  On reflection I thought the theme was incredibly deep (my appreciation of the depth of the theme was heightened by ++Winston getting me to speak eight times on the topic!!).

“In Christ”: all we do as the people of God is in Christ.  We are people of Jesus first and foremost.  As Christians we choose to bear the name of Christ as our fundamental identity.  Jesus Christ the God one who was crucified and raised again; this is the message we preach and this is the message we live in our different communities.  Once we cease to be “in Christ” we no longer are His followers.  As the Diocese continues to change and transition, one thing that always remains constant is we are in Christ.

“We move”: the nature of following Jesus is that it’s an active journey.  Where we are constantly being asked to leave the comfort of the known, and follow Jesus to unknown places and join in His Kingdom work there.  The Church founded on Jesus is a church of pilgrimage.  As a Diocese we are moving once again; every Parish and Mission Unit is on the move.  Often we don’t know where we are going exactly.  However, we do know and trust who we follow – Jesus.

“Together”: God always calls us into His body.  We may not like each other all the time; we certainly may not often understand each other.  However we are still called to be a family together.  Unity only really matters in diversity.  Unity is never really tested in homogenous groups; it’s only tested and strengthened when we choose to be family in the face of difference.  This is what I appreciate about the Anglican Communion: that I belong in an incredibly globally diverse family where there is even a place for a ragamuffin like me.

Read his full news to the diocese here:

May Bishop’s News(pdf)



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