Family learning activity: Stepping closer to God (17 February 2013)

Scripture: Luke 4:1-13

Jesus praying in the desertFilled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus went into the desert to pray and be close to God. He stayed there for forty days.

During that time he had nothing to eat, because he was fasting. He knew he could turn the stones around him into bread, but he chose not to.
As he walked through the desert, he knew he could make himself king over all the land, but he chose not to.
When forty days had past, Jesus climbed to the rooftop of the temple in Jerusalem. He knew that if he jumped from the top, God would save him from harm, but he chose not to.

Paraphrase from Katie Thompson, The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book, 23rd Publications, New London CT

family learning 1Your ideas?

Jesus had just been baptized and then went into the desert to prepare for his ministry.

Forty days is a long time – how long is that in weeks or months?

How many days are there in Lent?

While he was in the desert, Jesus fasted.  That meant he ate no food.  During Lent, people often give up something they really like.

But we can also use the time to think about what gets in the way between us and God.

Have a look at what Jesus thought about:

He could turn the stones to bread:

Do you worry about having lots of nice things and being able to buy the things you want right now?

 He could rule the world:

Do you want to have things “your way” and have everyone agree with you?

 He could do things to attract attention:

Do you want friends who are always running around after you and to be the centre of attention?

All of us are tempted like this some of the time.

Lent is a good time to choose one thing that gets in our way of being closer to God and do something about it.

And think about what you can do, as well as not do.  Like, “I won’t buy sweets and I will give the money I save to the missions”.

What will you do?

You can download the family activity worksheet, which includes code puzzle from today’s Psalm:

Family Learning Activity February 10 2013 (pdf)

family learning 2

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