Family learning activity: Jesus calls us (10 February 2013)

African painting of Peter on his knees in the fishing boat with Jesus after the big catch

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

African painting of Peter on his knees in the fishing boat with Jesus after the big catchSimon and his team had been out fishing all night and had not caught anything. These were hard times. Their families would not see food on the table for another day.

As they were washing their nets on the beach, a big crowd gathered to listen to the new teacher. He was the one who healed people and talked about God in the way people could understand. The crowd got so big, that Simon let the teacher use their boats to stand in – a kind of off-shore stage.

After the teacher finished speaking, Simon went out to the boat where the teacher was, to bring it in to shore. But instead, the teacher said, “Let’s go out to the deep water and fish.”  Simon said, “Sir, we will do it because you have asked, but don’t expect to catch anything. We didn’t get a single fish last night.”

So they went out and fished and caught so many fish that Simon had to get one of his mates over, in another boat, to help haul all the fish in!

When Simon saw all the fish, he fell to his knees and said “Go away from me! I am just a mere fisherman!”

But the teacher said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people”

From then on Simon and all his mates decided to leave fishing and follow this teacher.

Gospel paraphrase by David Earle

family learning 1Your ideas?

You have probably guessed Jesus was the teacher. Simon was later called Peter. He became the leader of Jesus’ disciples.

This is the story of Jesus choosing his first and most important disciples. He could have gone anyway in Israel to find them. But what kind of people did he chose?

When Simon pulls in all the fish, he realizes that this is a sign of something bigger about to happen and change in his life. He knows that God is about to ask him to do something huge. How does he react?

What are the first words that Jesus says back to Simon?

Can you think of a time you felt the need to do something really important for someone else? Did it follow this pattern in any way?

  • I am just an ordinary person. There are others who could it better
  • I can’t do it.  I don’t have what it takes
  • Jesus says: Don’t be afraid. I am with you

You can download the family activity worksheet, which includes a word scramble to find out the names of the twelve disciples:

Family Learning Activity February 10 2013 (pdf)

family learning 2

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