Family learning activity: Love one another (4th Sunday in Advent)

Today is the fourth Sunday in Advent. Advent is the time we prepare for Jesus at Christmas time. Today we light the candle for love, which reminds us of Jesus’ love for us and our love for each other

When you go away on holiday, you usually leave your neighbours with a set of instructions: “Check the mail, feed the cat, keep an eye on the house …”.

As Jesus was about to leave his friends, the night before he died, he gave them (and us) a very simple instruction: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (see John 13:34).

Which do you think is the easier instruction to follow – “feed the cat” or “love one another”?

What are some ways we can show our love to other people?

It can be easy to show love to our friends and family but harder to show it to people we don’t know. What are some things you can do to show love to other people you meet in everyday life?

You can download the family activity worksheet to solve a puzzle about love:

Family Learning Activity Fourth Sunday Advent

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