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Family learning activity: Finding peace (2nd Sunday in Advent)

Today is the second Sunday in Advent. Advent is the time we prepare for Christmas. Each Sunday in advent we light a candle on the advent wreath. This Sunday’s candle reminds us of peace.

Have you noticed how busy everyone gets just before Christmas? And how grown ups get really tired and grumpy?  And yet Christmas comes with a special message of “peace on earth and goodwill to all”.

When everything is really busy and noisy and you just need some peace and quiet, where to do you go?  Do you have a special peaceful place?

Christmas also reminds us of the importance of being peace makers.

When you think about peace makers, you might think of people who stop wars and solve big problems. But we can all do things to make peace in our own lives. Have you ever noticed on Christmas day how quickly old family arguments can come out?  These are things we can make peace about.

Take some time to think about someone you have had a fight or argument with. It might be someone in your family or a friend. Is there something you can do to put things right? What do you need to do to make peace?  If you can, do something about it before Christmas.

You can download the family activity worksheet to solve a puzzle about the kind of peace Jesus offers:

Family activity sheet Second Sunday Advent

You might also be interested in the worksheet from last Sunday that looked at preparing for Christmas and hope:

Family Activity Sheet Advent First Sunday



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