Living below the line

the challenge has finished for us – but 1.4 billion still live in poverty

Thank you for the support, prayer and sponsorship you have provided to the people participating in this challenge.

Katie and Charlotte will be collecting sponsorship money at church on Sunday. All donations go direct to Oxfam or World Vision for their work in fighting global poverty. You can still sponsor them on line if you want.

This has been a way to raise money and to raise awareness of the issue.  If you missed the Close Up segment on Thursday, here is the link to it on-line:

Katie, Charlotte and David are happy to talk about their experiences of the week.

The on-line total national raised so far is over $310,000 – with probably at least that much again in off-line sponsorship. Anglicans Below the Line have contributed over $10,000 to the on-line total.

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